I have never fasted before. Is this 1 week course for me?

Yes, just as much as for everyone else, unless you have any contraindications. You can find those under the “Fasting” menu option and also listed in the Disclaimer.
The preliminary days ensure an appropriate preparation period. From the third day prior to fasting the amount of nutrition is reduced gradually. We do not take meat or diary products but lots of raw vegetables, fruits, brown rice, porridge to help our body be more alkaline. This will make it easier to switch our system within 1 or 2 days. Of course if somebody is really determined it is possible to try short fasting at home (24-36 or 48 hours) but in our experience it is quite tough to get it right at home especially if you are a beginner. That may result in failure which is unfortunate. After a successful fasting course with us it will be much easier to carry on at home.

Will I be very hungry?

When the regular food intake discontinues, on the first and second day the body switches to the metabolism process where it gets the energy from it’s ”inner store”. As this process develops so the appetite ceases, and meanwhile it also can be handled very well with the appropriate techniques.
Understandably beginners may be afraid of hunger, but later on they realize that this is really not a big problem. The first and most important is the mindset which means the acceptance and understanding of why we have actually chosen this program. The acceptance of goals and main points of fasting does help a lot when it comes to switch your way of thinking. If we only set marginal goals (for example to fit into my new red costume) instead of the desire of gaining long term health and vitality then it will be more challenging to tolerate the possible difficulties.
It is important to appoint the first day of the fasting and focus on it in advance. Imagine this as a new dimension where you are not worried about your everyday problems, not to mention eating. That will help a lot and hunger will disappear from the first day of the course.
But we must distinguish hunger from appetite. Hunger is a body reaction while appetite is a mental state which means the thought of a beloved meal will cause desire to eat it. This can happen of course aside from fasting, too. This mental process arises due to conditioning and we can challenge it mentally simply by releasing those thoughts.

What sort of symptoms can I experience during fasting?

Even under normal circumstances you can experience symptoms which may cause temporary discomfort. It is important that the doctor who is in charge of the fasting group is able to distinguish these from the possible signs of illness. What are these symptoms?
The whole point of fasting is the holistic approach, the detoxification happens on three levels (mind-body-spirit) especially if we do it right therefore the symptoms can vary and occur on any of those levels.
Headaches, especially at the beginning, light dizziness because of the fluctuation of blood pressure, occasionally indisposition, moderate nausea, dejection because of the detoxification, feeling cold (due to reduced temperature output), temporary weakness till the blood sugar level gets back to normal, skin symptoms (pimples, rashes) due to the overloaded excretory systems, changes of sleeping patterns (too much sleep at the beginning and less sleep later on with increased dreaming activity – that helps to understand and work up the underlying problems), unstable mood as fasting causes not only physical but mental changes, too.

I have high blood pressure and I am on medication. Does it effect fasting?

During fasting high blood pressure is reducing gradually and after a few days it gets back to normal. Medication can be decreased or suspended accordingly with regular blood pressure checks. Even after the fasting blood pressure may remain on normal level if lifestyle changes are maintained, especially by avoiding salty food.

How much is the average weight loss during fasting?

The daily average weight loss is 300-400 grams during fasting. Depending on body type it is between 3.5-6 kg all together. It is more in the first few days (about 1 kg - mostly water and unused carbohydrate) and 0.4-0.5 kg per day thereafter (large part of it is fat). Slim people loose weight as well but less. They gain it back quickly after the course because of better absorption of nutrition and more efficient digestion. When somebody makes a decision it is possible to keep the weight loss by complying with our nutrition advice. Normally 0.5-1 kg comes back in the next couple of days after the fasting due to the filling up of intestines and the settling of water.

I have problems with my blood sugar level, is fasting possible for me?

People suffering from diabetes still can fast, especially when it is not diabetes which is set for insulin intake but treated with medication and special diet, so-called Type II diabetes). The development of this condition is clearly due to the lifestyle. The resistance of insulin which is the core causing of this disease is clearly due to being overweight. The weight loss gained during fasting and the resting of the pancreas is especially beneficial in case of diabetes regarding the maintenance of a stable condition. Blood sugar level can be checked if necessary. Low blood sugar level can be effectively treated by giving a small spoon of honey. Well maintained, stable, especially younger diabetic people who have had insulin treatment for a longer period can fast as well assuming stricter blood sugar control.

Why is your course any different from others?

It is tailored (we choose the appropriate fasting for each individuals).
It is also reliable, with continuous medical supervision.
Professional methods complying with all the requirements related to fasting.
Small groups enable us to pay maximum attention to each individual.
In our experience the course we offer is the most managable to an average person of any age whose body is loaded with toxins, stress and different environmental challenges. The strongest point we would like to highlight is the professional level of our course. In order to provide an efficient program we do not offer temporary relief to improve how you feel in short term if it affects the substantive part of fasting.
We do emphasize to give such background information and knowledge to our customers that can help to maintain the results and make lifestyle changes.
Fasting is advisable as prevention for healthy people without medical supervision. In our case the existing medical presence enables people to fast with special conditions (high blood pressure, blood sugar problems), except with the contraindications. In case of any medical problem we can choose a tailored program for the individual from different fasting methods.
The number of people in one group is 7, exceptionally 8. That makes it easier for the group leaders to pay maximum attention and provide personal care to each person.

I am elderly, till what age fasting is recommended?

Fasting is recommended from the age 21 (body development can last for up to this age) to the age when someone still feels fit and strong enough. There is no upper limit. Moreover it is recommended to elderly people in order to keep fit, healthy and energetic assuming due diligence (considering counterproposals). Our most senior customer ever was a 71 year old and he accomplished it without any problem whatsoever.

Does fasting help with candida problems?

Yes, by all means. The overgrowth of candida fungus in our intestines and body (for example in the throat or vagina) is due to the over acidity of it. The cleansing of intestines, the restoration of acid-alkaline level of the body and the detoxification of tissues does help healing. It is also recommended to pay attention to a special diet in favor of alkaline starting it a few months before fasting.

Do I need to go through any medical checks before starting fasting?

Yes. We do ask our customers to provide laboratory tests regarding general blood test, blood sugar level, liver functions (enzymes), kidney functions and urine test.
It is necessary to discover possible contraindications (for example Gilbert-syndrome) in advance.
If there is any medical problem or someone is on special medication we can consider individually if there were any further tests needed or if fasting was possible at all.

Is enema essential and does it cause discomfort?

Enema is the gentlest way of cleansing the intestines and it is far from being unpleasant as it is thought. It is necessary during fasting because while cleaning our whole body we endeavor to get rid of the depositions of the colonic walls. These depositions are built up due to the unhealthy diet in the form of undigested food traces and mucus. During fasting the colon also works as an excretory organ therefore it is important to get rid of the toxins on a daily basis while defecation pauses (there might be spontaneous defecation during fasting but quite rarely). Because of the elimination of toxins enema can help in case of headaches, general weakness, or even beginning of the hunger. Bitter salt cleansing could be an alternative way, although bitter salt takes a lot of water away from the colonic walls and would irritate them when used repeatedly. Therefore we do not recommend it apart from a limited quantity.
In case of colon hydrotherapy it might sounds impressive that the colon is being washed through with 25-30 liters of water, however it is misleading. The vast majority of this water turns around at the outer end of the colon because the water flow is too fast and it has to be let out quickly due to the tension.
Enema can be easily carried out using the simple devices provided by us, which can be used anywhere after the course whenever it seems to be necessary, so it is good to learn how to do it.
We apply it two different ways:
Enema using 1 liter of cleared water right after waking up, which washes through the whole colon. Moderate tension or wind colic may occur but it can be easily ceased by gentle massage or changing body position. Enema can be used before preventive abdominal surgeries, too. The cleansing enema should be done on a daily basis, or even more often if necessary.
Enema using specially prepared organic coffee in order to stimulate the secretion of the liver. There is 1of liter water used for that as well, very slowly allowing coffee absorption through the colon. It can be practiced daily or every second day, too.
Enemas do not remove the normal bacterial flora from the colon, the natural balance will be restored on a healthier base after the course. It can be promoted by making the necessary changes in our diet, too.

Do you have any brochure or leaflet that you could send to me?

Yes we do. You can find the most important information on the website. We do answer personal questions by telephone or email as well. We have special detailed information pack for those who are interested. It can help to make the necessary personal decisions regarding the fasting.
At the beginning of the course everyone gets a folder containing the daily and weekly program and summaries of all the topics that we discuss during the course.

Can deficiencies develop in the body due to fasting?

There is no need to be afraid of that during a 7-10 day course. Some of the vitamins and minerals are replenished from the body’s own reserve and the rest of it is supplied by the daily fresh fruit and vegetable juices and diet supplements. The most important point (which is the biggest benefit of the fasting itself) is that the proteins degraded from ageing cells and protein deposits cover the need of amino acids. Moreover the glucose produced from fats and amino acids ensure the nutrition for the cells. Demolition and excretion are in the front while fasting but there is no deficiency at all.

Would I be strong enough to go straight back to work after fasting?

From an energetic point of view you will be in top form feeling completely relaxed, calm, clean and easy. It is a “celestial plight”, many people like it most in fasting and this is the bonus alongside the numerous positive effects and benefits.
So we would be able to go straight back to work, however it is easier to spend the “building up days” at home. Therefore we try to time the “Fasting- Breaking Ceremony” on the Friday night or maybe Saturday morning enabling our customers to spend the building up diet period at home just to make it easier.


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