I felt really great after my fasting course and it was the first ever my life. I felt a bit nervous to begin with but the warm welcome and confidence bestowed by everyone at the centre soon took these thoughts away. I got lots of insights during one week. Dr. Ilona Sovenyhazi and her team are really amazing people and they made every effort to make me feel comfortable. I do respect their devotion, open mindedness and the loving kindness that they gave during the entire course. I hope I will have the opportunity to visit them again in the future.

Edina Hamori

I did not know anything about fasting, I only knew I wanted to detoxify. I thought it would be 1 week of suffering, but it turned out to be a real miracle instead. Beside the daily activities I gained a lot of interesting and useful information. Thanks to Ilona and her team for all of these. I really loved the excellent tour guides around the village and got to explore more then than I bargained. The hills and the valleys were very astonishing as well as the lakes and “Stone Sea”.

Katalin Boda

I had no end of new buzzes through this 1 week. I discovered a whole new world. I can now benefit and use my new found knowledge in my everyday life to keep fit and healthy. I felt great as part of a nice team and I definitely want to came back. Thanks for everything!

Aniko Csemez

I had an extraordinary experience this week. I participated in a fasting course the first in my life, aged 63. Ilona organized a wonderful programme including exercises and tours around the surrounding countryside so we did not have time to be hungryJ. I would like to thank her for this opportunity to get know this kind of “fasting”, which made me feel superb.

29/03/2006 Eva Szabone

Dear Ilona,

I would like to let you know that the 7 days I spent at your retreat last year changed my life fundamentally. The 6 kg weight loss was followed by another 9 without any suffering, just by maintaining a healthier life style. Now I am 69-70kg instead of 84.5kg, my cholesterol level is fine and I feel great! I am pretty again! I eat differently and enjoy everything without effort. I sleep well and my mood has changed a lot.
Many-many Thanks!!

Agnes A.

“In order to step further and up we have to make miracles become ordinary.”

Dear Ilona!

Thank you for the hospitality, the good advices, the calm and peaceful environment in which I received the above message from “high” during a sunrise meditation.
My first fasting with you was unforgettable! I relaxed, got rid of many old health problems, and by the way, I lost 5 kg!

Andi Szobolits


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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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