Daily schedule

7 wake up We normally wake up at 7am during Fasting.
7-9 morning wash up, enema, body weight check, oil chewing, dry skin rub, blood pressure check

We have an enema as part of the morning wash up. To remove toxins excreted through the mucous membrane of the mouth this is achieved by chewing some oil and cleaning the tongue using a scraper. Dry skin brushing is then followed by showering

8:45 warm up exercise Just before the morning tea at 9am we conduct a gentle warm up exercise on the terrace or in the garden.
9 morning herbal tea The cleansing morning tea is a mixture of different herbal remedies. Prior to that everybody can enjoy a spoonful of Flavonmax fruit jelly (a natural food supplement) as a source of vitamin and minerals. (one of the high spots of the dayJ)

10-11: Yoga and the 5 Tibet Rites

The acquirement of the 5 Tibet Rite is highly recommended for all our guests. The morning exercise can vary, it could be yoga, Jang Shen Su (Chinese energy exercise), Pilates or Muscle control. Massages are performed in the morning periods too.
11 fruit juice drinking The attenuated morning juice is freshly squeezed and made of apple, grapefruit and grapes. Beside the vegetable/fruit juices and herbal teas guests can consume lemon flavoured water. Alkaline base drink can be consumed any time of the day.
12-14 walking tour Midday is ideal for walking tours. We discover different areas of the beautiful surrounding scenery with its monuments and well restored historic and rustic buildings.
14 vegetable soup At lunchtime we offer freshly squeezed and attenuated vegetable juice made of varied ingredients, such as salad leafs, beetroot, carrot, celery, purple cabbage, pepper, tomato, sandthorn, pumpkin. All the fruits and vegetables are organic.
14.30-17 resting time with warm bags over the liver The body really needs a long rest in the afternoon during Fasting. It is recommended to spend this time in bed (alternatively outdoors) placing warm water bags over the Liver in order to help it with detoxification. The temperature and lying down increase the Liver`s blood circulation.
17 herbal tea The daily herbal teas are made of various delicious ingredients. The other highlight of the day is the small spoonful of honey. There is a calcium-magnesium supplement in the afternoon too.

sauna or art activity, free time

This period can be used for walking, creative activities or sauna (every second day)
20 “vegetable soup” The evening soup is made of different vegetables without any salt and completely filtered. It can be consumed at will with various flavours and serves as a mineral supplement.

evening sessions, discussions, esoteric DVDs, meditation

Evening programs according to sauna. Normally after a sauna there might be meditation instead of a short presentation. Presentations about detoxification, fasting, healthy diet and lifestyle are held during tea time and in the evenings. We supply written summary sheets about the different topics to everyone.  
22 bed time

22pm is strictly bedtime, preventive relaxation is also very important during fasting

“Silent Fasting” according to needs
Everybody can participate in the recommended programs according to individual needs. Juice and soup consuming periods are fixed so we do require everyone`s presence, apart from those individual walks, stand away, relaxation or meditation can be inducted.

Spa: 1 day
Spa is an alternative option that combines well with Fasting and can be organized according to our guest`s requirement in Sarvar, 80km away.



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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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