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Dr. Ilona Sovenyhazi’s Fasting Retreat in Szentbekkalla, Hungary
“ The Natural way to Heal and Rejuvenate”

The gentle and integrated approach to experience the benefits of Fasting. Dr.Ilona Sovenyhazi’s devotion to our well being has been for her a life time study bringing together modern medical and naturopathic techniques in a holistic way to serve us. This she has done to her full capacity and tirelessly continues to run her very well received fasting clinic in the heart of Hungary. Her conclusion from the results of her work and her radiant face shows us that we can all acquire a fuller overall health through a regular simple and guided fasting regimen. This is an effective means of restoring youthfulness and longevity. This means to get all our beautiful body parts working together nearer the 100% level. She aims to show us that Fasting is okay to do and that it is even beneficial to miss out a meal or several meals and that nothing terrible happens if you don’t eat when hungry. Quite contrary you will discover that it is the natural way to heal and rejuvenate.

A Quote from Romolo Montovani a French holistic practitioner states that:

“There is only one existing disease, the toxin deposit.”

In our modern society we are constantly under toxic overload and it is not getting any better. The system outside is to full capacity and so is the system inside our bodies. We have to resolve this now without a question. The biggest aid in this process is the regular fasting.

What is the definition of fasting?

It is one of the oldest and best recipes for good overall health. A chance to voluntarily refrain from the normal foods we eat to help the body cleanse, purify and revitalise. It is not starving the body, nor a diet plan but it is a lifestyle for optimal health that we are all looking for.

The purpose of fasting:

To get rid of harmful deposits and toxin build up. This gives the body a chance to cleanse the system and get back on track. An opportunity to get in touch with the physical and mental self healing processes.

The benefits of fasting in a group with medical supervision:

This is the most easily achievable and everyone should do cleansing regularly to remove toxin and give the body a fresh jump start. It allows our organs to recuperate and our blood to purify. It clears the skin, increases our energy levels improving our overall well being. Those people with serious health problems but not contraindicated for Fasting need to have the medical supervision.

Course leaders - self introduction:

Dr Ilona Sovenyhazi – Doctor (General Practitioner):

Specialises in Paediatrics, Homeopathy, Detoxification Therapy and running cleansing courses.Her fasting spans over two decades and within this time she has successfully managed Fasting groups for the last 8 years in Szentbekkalla .All the courses take place with her personal participation and supervision.

Gary Pap- Holistic Practitioner:

Gary has been working alongside his mother Dr.Ilona Sovenyhazi in the Fasting Clinic and during his apprenticeship there has gained valuable insights into Health and Well Being. He has promoted Fasting by not only integrating it into his own lifestyle but running Fasting groups for the last few years. He is at present a massage practitioner, a reflexologist and also a qualified fitness instructor. He is also at the moment involved in promoting Flavonmax in the UK which is an all natural health product patented by a Hungarian company. This is all a part of Gary’s ongoing educational project to spread awareness of Health and Well being across the globe. He is also organising Fasting retreats to Szentbekkalla for UK and European nationals with or without previous fasting experiences.

Raju- Holistic practitioner:

Raju is a graduate chemist turned Holistic practitioner. He is now an Ayurvedic massage specialist, a reflexologist, thermo-auricular practitioner, kalaripayattu practitioner, a trained nutritionalist and a life coach. Raju’s time in the chemical industry although exciting and cutting edge left him with some serious life threatening conditions relating to the GI tract. Having failed to get better with conventional medicine he chose to go down the alternative complimentary route which basically saved his life. From this experience he decided to devote the rest of his life to helping people achieve their maximum health potential both physically and mentally and to come to live life like a breath of fresh air!

Our fasting method is the Airola – fasting

Dr. Paavo O. Airola, N.D., Ph.D. (1918, Finland-1983) was a nutritionist, naturopathic physician, educator and author. He originated the method of Fasting we are currently using in this course. In our experience this is the most easily achievable form of Fasting.


  • Freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices 
  • Herbal teas
  • Filtered vegetable soup according to schedule
  • Mineral supply by consuming liquids and teas 
  • Support of regenerative processes by vitamin intake

Further supportive features:

  • appropriate relaxation – exercise ratio
  • physiotherapy
  • massage
  • sauna


What we offer:

  • General medical check
  • Tailored Fasting – Airola Fasting (freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices, herbal teas, source water), supplements accordingly 
  • Short exercises in the morning, enema
  • Daily yoga
  • Daily light walking tours (approximately 2 hours)
  • 3 x full body massage
  • Sauna every second day
  • Arts activities (mandala, glass painting)

Complementary activities:


Exercises are an integral part of the course. The body, when relieved from unnecessary ballast, feels light and free, and experiences an increase in stamina and well-being. Patients usually experience the spontaneous desire to be active, to go out into the countryside, to walk or take part in some sporting activity. Even gymnastics, for most a tedious but inevitable obligation, now becomes an indispensable pleasure. Fasting actually makes you want to be active while developing a new awareness and enjoyment of your body. One of the most suitable exercises related to fasting is yoga, 5 Tibet Rite, breath control, as well as light walking tours enjoying an amazing natural countryside.


Full or specific problem focused body massage, joint treatments.
Cellulite treatment (full body or face)
Deep cleansing face treatment


Sauna takes place on every second day (heated to max 85 Celsius). En suite shower, relaxation beds in the garden.


Magnetic bed and Chi-machine is available for constant use for free.

For who is Fasting recommended?

  1. Those with colds and acute contagious diseases (usually there is a natural loss of appetite during these symptoms).
  2. When there is circulation problems Fasting will help the blood pressure reduce normalising heart beat rate. The blood vessels will be cleaned and the coronary arteries will de-fur. Both the arterial and venial circulation problems will be addressed. High blood pressure problems will be checked along with Migraines.
  3. Those with digestive problems such as over acidity and intestinal catarrh(mucus), reflux, chronic constipation, IBS, liver and gallbladder and bile problems, type two diabetes, weight loss and pancreas regeneration, Crohn’s disease, clolitis ulcerative (non active phase), chronic protein disposing.
  4. Those with immunological problems. It helps with protein metabolism normalisation. The cleansing of connective tissue related with arthritic problems. Asthmatic suffers and sinus conditions are both helped by fasting.
  5. Those with musculoskeletal problems benefit from cleansing of the joints helping conditions such as arthrosclorisis, chronic back problems and gout.
  6. Those with skin problems, eczema and psoriasis will benefit from the blood cleansing effect of fasting getting rid of deposits in the connective tissue for example the cellulite removal. 

Fasting helps prevent disease and regenerates the body.

When Fasting is not recommended?

  • After major surgical operations
  • When there is liver and kidney failure
  • Common heart failure, heart muscle inflammation
  • Stomach ulcers, inflammation of intestines
  • Gilbert’s syndromes
  • Conditions of liver with enzymes
  • Type I diabetes
  • Over active pancreas
  • Tuberculosis
  • Malignant tumours
  • Very intensive stress
  • Recovering from surgery
  • Mental problems
  • Depression
  • Pregnancy


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dr Sövényházi Ilona
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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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